Minecraft – Awesome Crafting and Survival Game

Even if you haven’t played Minecraft, you must have heard about it during the past years. It’s the best-selling video game of all time with over 200 million copies sold worldwide! Not only that but it continues to dominate the gaming world with millions of players enjoying it day by day. So, even if you’re an absolute neophyte when it comes to this game, you’ll learn it easily thanks to this guide.

Minecraft was created by Mojang Studios founder Markus Perrson which was inspired by many similar games. But now, it has been bought by Microsoft and it has undergone a lot of updates. Even so, you can still enjoy the same old gameplay where you will build things from scratch and survive.


Aside from that you’ll learn how to craft numerous items, armors, weapons, and even food in this game!

Simple Yet Comprehensive

The game of Minecraft is one of the simplest yet comprehensive games today. What this means is that it’s fairly easy to learn but there are so many things to master that you can’t do it all in a day. Unlike other games where you can play it in weeks and get bored, Minecraft has a million ways for you to enjoy it. First of all, it has the Survival Mode which is the main one where you’ll just need to survive for as long as you possibly can. This sounds easy but in reality, there are many ways you can die here!

minecraft 1

Then, there’s the Hardcore mode if you’re feeling more adventurous and braver. Here, you’re basically only given one life to live – you will not be able to respawn once you die! Then, everything gets more difficult as you try to survive based purely on your luck, skills and instincts! Then, there’s the Creative Mode where you can just freely roam around and build things as you like. More commonly known as the practice mode, this one is a great mode for beginners to get into.

Then, there’s the Adventure Mode which is similar to Survival Mode but slightly more difficult. This is where most user-generated maps are created as players can’t destroy the map. Here, you can play with others and fulfill objectives to win the game! This is a great mode to be in if you want to enjoy the different maps available as well as try to survive. Overall, Minecraft is a game that tests your survival skills, instincts, and memory where you need to know a lot to be able to survive for a long time!

Highlights of Minecraft

Minecraft is a best-selling game for a lot of reasons. To the uninitiated, it might look like a child’s game but it actually involves real-life skills. In lieu of that, here are Minecraft’s highlights:

Enjoyable Game Modes – Like most games today, Minecraft has a lot of game modes for players to enjoy. Each of these serve different purposes and they collate together to create an enjoyable and harmonious game. In this game, you can access these different modes: Survival, Creative, Hardcore, Adventure, Spectator and Demo. The first 4 modes are the main ones while the other 2 are minor modes in the game.


In the Survival Mode, you just need to hold off for as long as you can as you spawn in a new world. Ideally, you need to collect different resources such as trees and create a crafting table to be able to build everything else. Then, you must build a shelter to keep the monsters at bay and get water and food to survive. Basically, this mode is the most fundamental one out of all the game modes here.

Then, there’s the Creative Mode where you can fly around freely and create anything you want. Here, you don’t have to craft for resources and you also don’t get hungry or tired. Then, there’s the Adventure Mode and Hardcore Mode which is essentially just Survival Mode on steroids. Overall, you’ll be doing a lot of surviving and crafting in this game!

minecraft 2

Different Recipes – What makes Minecraft so popular even after all these years is because it’s playable for a long time. This means that you can discover new things every day especially if it’s your first time playing. Here, you can get to know different recipes by brewing, crafting, smelting, cutting and upgrading. These processes each have unique capabilities and recipes that you can make!

A Variety of Mechanics – Aside from game modes, you’re free to learn different mechanics as well such as Anvil, Enchanting, Redstone circuits and trading. These are unique aspects of the game that give Minecraft the depth that it has. Anvil Mechanics refer to the way you can repair armors, weapons and tools. Then, there’s Enchanting which allows you to create magic armor, tools and weapons. Lastly, the Redstone circuit is what allows you to activate or control mechanisms.


Play with Others – Minecraft is a game that allows you to play with millions of others in enjoyable custom maps! There are many talented players who create these amazing Adventure maps with different themes. You can then join the server along with others and try to complete objectives to win!

Explore the Marketplace – To make this game more incredible, there’s a marketplace where you’re free to get maps, skins and texture packs from different creators. There are so many add-ons to enjoy in this game that you won’t be able to play with them all!

Exciting Graphics – In terms of graphics, Minecraft boats incredible yet retro-style graphics that has become a staple today. The game is a testament to the saying that “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

minecraft 3

Final Thoughts

Do you have a profound love for building and surviving? If you do, then the perfect game for you is Minecraft! Play with yourself and survive through grueling situations and become self-sufficient. Or, enjoy the game with countless players all over the world in custom maps and servers! Have fun with this popular game today and show the world your creations.