GTA Vice City – Action-Adventure Shooting Game

It’s well-known that Rockstar Games publishes widely-acclaimed games of all time on a regular basis. From the GTA series to the Red Dead Redemption series – they are the masters of open-world gaming! But in this article, we’ll talk about the 4th installment to the series which is GTA Vice City. Published by Rockstar Games in 2002, this is a game that initiated a lot of original elements to the game.

Most notably, it features the city of Los Santos which is based on Miami in the 80s setting. Here, drugs and crimes are rampant and you’ll try to squeeze your way to this crazy world.


There are a ton of interesting missions to play such as story missions, asset mission and other minor ones. Aside from that, you’ll meet plenty of allies and enemies in this interesting 3D game!

Go Back to 80’s Miami

Do you remember what it was like in the 80’s? If you were alive back then, then you must have had some intense and fun times. Back then, crimes were rampant, times are crazy and technology were fast upgrading. But in Miami, there were more things to worry about such as the gangsters, crimes and the overall situation that looks grim. But all is not lost as you can certainly make a name in the underground world as Tommy Vercetti!

gta 1

The game GTA Vice City was specifically one game who had revolutionary 3D gameplay at the time and it was part of the successful ones. This game introduced a lot of fun gameplays that have become standard in today’s games. Here, you can explore the massive city of Los Santos, perform missions, fight enemies and civilians and drive all sorts of vehicles. Basically, this game is every child’s dream finally coming true! But even if that’s the case, you still need to worry about the consequences of acting like a child and robbing people off the street.

In this amazing game, you’ll play as Tommy whose heart is set for vengeance and domination. He was jailed for 15 years after a drug trade gone wrong and now, he seeks revenge to those responsible. To do this, he requires the help of a lot of people as he becomes the enemy of basically every gang group in the criminal underworld. Perform dangerous stunts on vehicles, fight against gangsters, gain your reputation and do side missions. There are many things you can do to enjoy this game since it’s an open-world one.

Aside from that, there are plenty of nostalgic cars for people who love to race! Hijack any vehicle you see on the street such as a muscle car or a race car and explore the city! You can have tons of fun just by roaming around and doing side missions.


Capabilities of GTA Vice City

A popular game such as GTA Vice City has many capabilities. It may be old now, but it’s still capable of going head-to-head with most modern games.

Exciting gameplay – When it comes to gameplay, we all know that Rockstar publishes amazing games throughout the decades. GTA Vice City isn’t an exception as it introduced a game where you can roam around freely. At the time, this wasn’t common for games and it was considered revolutionary. Today, you can still enjoy this game as it has amazing gameplay and story as well as insane fundamentals. Here, you can go in any direction you like and perform a variety of actions.

These actions include walking, running, fighting, shooting, jumping and driving. The game has many things for you to do as you go around the city. Aside from the main missions, you can partake in side missions as a delivery guy, an ambulance driver and many more. This makes the game playable for a long time as you enjoy different aspects of it. Playing it today just makes it one of the best classic open-world games you can play.

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Fun missions – GTA Vice City features a story that you’ll find interesting. Meet Tommy Vercetti who’s the protagonist of the game. In here, you’re free to do all the main missions to progress the storyline. Each mission is unique and it leads to the next one. So, if you want to finish the game and earn rewards, try to complete the missions. They range from driving people to shooting enemies on the street!

Aside from that, there are plenty of side missions that you can find and play in the game. You may become a vigilante, a delivery guy, an off-road racer and more!

A large number of vehicles – The most complex and enjoyable aspect of the game are the vehicles. You can enjoy a variety of them in this one. You can drive all of them whether it’s yours or not. From racing cars to helicopters, there are so many to drive and enjoy. There is even fun cart racing in this game to play!


Meet different people – Throughout the missions, you’ll get to see different dialogues and interact with different characters. There are allies as well as foes in this game. All of them were voiced by talented actors so that you can feel the authenticity from them.

Interesting weapons and tools – The game also lets you handle many weapons and armors. From pistols to sub-machine guns, use every weapon on your arsenal to carry out your missions! Or you can just shoot down a random person on the street and take their car.

Realistic graphics – Even if it was made years ago, GTA Vice City is a game that has one of the nicest graphics you can enjoy. The live city at night is reminiscent of 80’s Miami.

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With GTA Vice City, you’ll never be bored again. Play a variety of missions that range from driving to heists! You are free to go around the city performing different activities that suit your taste. Aside from that, enjoy the nostalgic scene of Miami and rule over the underground criminal organization.