Free Fire – Action-Packed Battle Royale Shooting Game

Did you know that Free Fire is the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2020? Yes, this game has now more than 500 million downloads in Google Play Store and counting. Although its competitors Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends are popular, Free Fire dominates Latin America and Asia. This is because most people nowadays have smartphones and they want to play battle royale games as well. Free Fire is one of the pioneers and the most good-looking game in this genre.

Even though some people might complain that Free Fire has basic graphics, it’s been upgrading all these years.


The game has had countless innovative features and upgrades ever since its launch. Now, it’s looking like a game that can compete with Western battle royale games. If you’re new to the game, learn all about it this handy guide!

The Most Versatile Shooting Game

If you’ve never played a battle royale game before, then Free Fire is a great introduction game. It’s one of the most versatile games out there and a lot of beginners play this game. Here, you’ll play against 49 other players in a match in real-time. Unlike traditional shooting games, you will need to collect resources first in the map. Then, there’s also a massive map that will shrink overtime until only 1 player or team wins.

free fire 1

This format has been used by many games by now not just shooting ones. But Free Fire remains one of the most downloaded mobile games in the segment since it continues to evolve. You can enjoy plenty of action fights and weapons in the game. From pistols to sniper rifles to even Heat Gun – the game has a bunch of unique weapons. There’s also a Gloo Wall gun which allows you to create a barrier in front of you to shield you.

In terms of gameplay, the game is similar to many battle royale games today. You’ll start off by parachuting to a massive island and then collecting different things upon landing. Then, you’ll move on to different locations to loot houses and kill other players as you encounter them. But to move the game faster, the region shrinks regularly so that only one player will emerge victorious at the end. The player who wins will receive more rewards than those who were eliminated early on.

This survival style shooting game is still popular today and in Free Fire, there are 2 modes. You can go solo or with a 4-squad team against other teams. The game has upgraded graphics, insane skins, emotes, and other fun things.


Free Fire Highlights

In a survival shooting game, you must be quick, attentive and a sharpshooter. In Free Fire, you can test out your skills to the max!

Complex Gameplay – If you aren’t familiar with battle royale, they’re basically the most popular type of game today. They dominate the charts and the markets with interesting games such as Free Fire. This game has been around for more than 3 years now but they’ve still been going at it. Here, each match consists of 50 players battling it out until only one remains. You don’t need to kill everyone to win, you just need to survive until the end!

First, all the players will enter the plane which will fly all over the island. Then, you can parachute out of the plane and land on a random spot on the map. Next, your goal should be to suit up with armors, weapons and items that you can find scattered on houses and buildings. Look for medical equipment weapons and items that will prove useful later. Then, you just need to shoot enemies as you see them and stay safe from shrinking regions.

free fire 2

Fun Characters – Throughout the years, the game has introduced a lot of fun skins that were inspired from a lot of things. There’s Alok, Laura, Hayato, Paloma, Kapella, Moco, Wukong and many more. Each of these characters have innate abilities that you can utilize to your advantage. For instance, Laura is a sharp shooter that gets increased accuracy as you level up. Then there’s Alok whose ability allows him to increase moving and sprinting speed as well as restores HP.

Weapons and pets – Like most battle royale games, Free Fire also has a vast collection of weapons in the game. There are sniper rifles such as the Dragunov, machine guns such as the M249 and even crazy guns. Here, there’s something called Gloo Wall which can shoot a literal wall of goo that can shield you from enemy shots. There’s also a Heat Gun which doesn’t have any ammo and has a medium range.

Then, there’s also a recent addition to the game which are the pets. Each of these have unique abilities. The most popular ones include Mr. Waggor, Detective Panda, Robo, Ottero, Falco and many more. Their abilities range from giving ammos to restoring the player’s HP by a certain point.


Marvelous graphics – At first look, Free Fire doesn’t really have outstanding graphics. However, it has evolved tremendously over the past years as it has reached more players. Today, its graphics is similar to Fortnite and PUBG combined. But you can still adjust the video settings to accommodate the smartphone that you use.

Game modes – In this game, you can play in different modes. There’s the main one where you can play solo or with a squad. Then, you can also practice in the training grounds and fight with others. There are also plenty of others such as Fatal Blade, Team Deatmatch, Kill Secured, Bomb Squad, Gun King and more.

free fire 3

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, we’re seeing a lot of battle royale games being released. But if you want a stable and versatile one, play Free Fire! Join millions of players and prove your worth as you unlock many characters, skins, pets and enjoy plenty of game modes! Can you survive and bring home the glory?